Happy Birthday JP

Happy Birthday JP

Dear sis,

I was all focused on cleaning my house, cutting the grass, as I have plans the next few evenings.  However,  I was just in the kitchen and I started thinking about JP and his birthday tomorrow.

I had an overwhelming feeling to honour this man today.  So I am now out back, on my swing.

JP, I just decided I am going to blog to you.

Dear JP,

If my sister could talk, she would say, “Kathy, do you see how once again, I have the boyfriend and you don’t!!!???” 🙂 ooooh sisterly love.

JP, I know you are reading this to her now.  I LOVE knowing this.  I also know that my sister is so with it.    I know that every word you say to her, she is tuned in.   That is my sister.  A fighter.   She wants to know everything that is going on.  You, JP, are her lifeline.

I want you to know that even though we don’t talk everyday, I am always talking about you.   Telling everyone how grateful I am to you.   Even yesterday, I was last minute getting your card – sorry – and I was in Shopper’s Drug Mart.  I was there as soon as they opened.  Post office was still closed.   The lady at the cash said, ” I can only sell you a book of stamps.”  I responded, “Perfect.  I just need one stamp but I will take the book.    I just need to get this card mailed.”    So of course I said, “Oh and you should hear who this card is going to….”

Honestly I did….:). sorry.  I know you are very humble but I am guilty of telling this story all the time.

I summarize it.

“So in April 2012 this man was visiting his dad in the hospital.  He met my sister who had been living there for a year.  They fell in love and he has cared for her every day since April 2012.   He has not missed one day.  He washes her hair.  He picks up the phone when I call.  Takes her to her son’s hockey game, daughter’s graduation.  I always know when to call because he is there between 10:30 and 4pmish everyday.  Gets her out everyday.  She is honestly all over Ottawa.  Best social life ever!!!”

lol ok I do sound a little cray cray.   Or actually, I just sound like your biggest fan.

The lady at the cash looked at me and said, “I have goosbumbks.    OMG I have goosebumps”….and I said, “Oh, I know 🙂

JP, I went onto my sister’s Facebook page tonight.  I was looking for a few updated pictures.   Of course that was easy.  I am so very grateful for the pictures you take allowing me to see where she has been all week.   Blues Fest, The Market, Canada Day celebrations.   Honestly what a gift you have given me.   Sister’s living in two different Provinces yet we still get to share our lives.

As I was scrolling through photos,  I saw a video that I had never seen before.   You were filming Karen.  I think you were at your dad’s place.

There she was surrounded by all your relatives,  sisters and Aunts.   I watched her as she tried to move her head.   She could not move or talk yet she was such a big part part of that gathering.  Of all your family gatherings.   I know how much your family loves her.

JP, “A VERY Happy birthday to you from my sister.”   It seems so crazy that she can’t tell you how she feels.  But I know how much she loves you.  Anyone who spends time with the two of you can see the very special way you two communicate.

JP,  when two people connect with each other the way you and my sister do, you realize this…..


Happy Birthday JP, love you.


I love you sis xo


ps.  Ok Karen I thought about adding in some funny stories about you and JP.  Lynn and I always talk about this one.  It was when you were living in St. Vincents and you just met JP.   The doctor called a meeting with our brother because you wanted to have sex!!!!????   The doctor said, “Ummmm Brian your sister is asking about having the catheter removed.” OMG I will never ever forget Brian telling me about that meeting.  “Kathy you will never believe what our sister is asking for.”  Only you Karen.  You have certainly kept these years entertaining for us all.   Your spirit lives on sis.  You are truly remarkable xo

Rideau Center


Sparks Street
Summer hair cut
Tuesday touring
Kids always hanging out xo

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  1. Kathy

    Tell JP what an amazing man he is-loved your blog and -to be honest-do not read it every day .
    When one is a retired senior-it is a feat just to deal with regular e-mails-but did enjoy this .
    Two sisters connected through technology-fabulous ! Love Tutu and Papa

    1. Thank you Tutu. I will definitely pass along your thoughts to JP. Yes, connected through technology with a little help from our angel. Love both you and Papa, and your support is so very much appreciated xo

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