Welcome to my personal journey...

I have always loved to tell stories. At the age of 21, after returning from a 2-month backpacking trip through Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, my mother said to me, “Can you please talk into a tape recorder and tell all your stories? That way, when my friends come over, I can just hit the play button over and over again.”

I recently asked myself, “What makes a good storyteller?” The answer for me came quite quickly: to connect with people by being open, authentic, curious, and aware.

I was born in Montreal, and grew up in Ottawa. In my early twenties, the hotel industry took me to Jasper, Whistler, Vancouver, and Asia. At the beginning of this journey, my parents died. During this time, I was also in and out of hospital, battling Crohn’s disease. At a very young age, I had to figure out life-survival skills.  One thing my family always did so well together, was laugh.

My sister Karen has been battling Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, that affects the nervous system. She can no longer eat, move, or talk. Prognosis relating to this disease is 7 to 9 years. She is a true MSA warrior as she has been living with this disease for 14 years.

The purpose of my blog is simple: I want my sister to know that she is in my thoughts every single day.  By sharing stories, and keeping them real, I am hopeful that she and I can inspire people to live a happy life. 

Personally, this comes at a time when I am feeling a shift in my life. I believe it is important to take chances,  seek out your true passions  and let go of fear.  Life needs to be about living in the moment, with an attitude of gratitude.

In this unsettled world we live in, let's start being kinder to one another, embrace vulnerability and trust that there is power in the simple act of allowing.

And so my journey begins....

Dear Sis,

I love you.

Kathy xo