2023 – What a Year……

2023 – What a Year……

Dear Sis,

In my last blog, I mentioned I was going to start addressing all future blogs to my daughter Jenna.   However, I like writting these to you sis.  I think of you when I write.  It makes me feel connected.

Jenna, these may not be directly written to you but I do hope you find your way to these one day.


This has been such an incredible year in so many ways.  There was loss and there was so much love.

My year started in Nicaragua.  A solo trip I did in January 2023 (my last blog).  Now, in less than one week, I am returning to this very special country, to introduce a whole new world to my 18 year old daugther.   Except for travel in Canada,  Maui and Disneyland, Jenna has never been outside of North America.  For many reasons, this is going to be a very special trip.

These last few years have been extremely challenging for my daughter and I.  The mother/daughter/teenage years, have not been easy for us.   I personally went to therapy looking for support on “raising a teenage daugther”. During therapy I started asking myself some tough questions.   I actually ended up learning so much about myself.

As life changing moment that took place for me in 2023, was on Sunday June 4th, when my friend Geke (Jayka), surrendered to MAID – Medical Assistance In Dying.  I arrived a couple of days prior and there were 16 of us who gathered – all our first experience with MAID – and we were forever changed and forever connected.   I am so grateful and honored that I was part of such a personal and beautiful experience.

“My beautiful soul sister Jayka – this week was your 55th birthday – I know you could feel all the love that was – and always will be – sent your way.   I miss you every single day.”

Keep on fluttering around me girl!!!”


I also had to say goodbye to our Auntie Joyce.  I know how much you loved her.   We all did.  My friends loved her !!!!   She was one of a kind. I can still feel myself sinking in to her couch, a bowl of chewie caramels (or some sort of chocolate in a bowl) on the table next to me, asking, “Can I get you anything?” I would respond, “No, I am good, but thank you Auntie Joyce.” She would respond, “Are you sure ?  I have cookies, juice, coffee, milk, hot chocolate….how about toast, or cereal.  Eggs? Pancakes ?” I always left with food and a container of water, just incase my car broke down.

I miss my Auntie Joyce who is I think the last person in my life who will ever make me feel like I am 14 again.   Because mom and dad passed away when we were so young, Auntie Joyce has been my “history” and now with that connection gone, that history is going.  WE are becoming that generation, THAT history.  Well the ones who are still here on Earth.

The HIGHLIGHT of my year were your “kids” – now 24 and 21, Samanth and Carter – together again with Jenna !!!  Both Samantha (and Tab) and Carter were here this summer – it was soooo fun –  we went hiking, camped over night at top of mountain, jumped out of an airplane, Victoria, Tofino AND Jenna’s High School Graduation (woot woot CONGRATS Jenna so proud of you) that time was sooooo special.  I always loved having a houseful of kids.


My biggest change in 2023 is that I am renting out my house for two years – I moved out mid Aug – I am calling myself a local Nomad haha  I kept thinking if I don’t do this, I am going to be waking up every day in Nanaimo.   It was time to “shake things up” a bit haha considering I had the perfect fit for a tenant, a very low mortage rate till 2026 (lucky me I know), Jenna is living with her dad, I have a full time job where I can be on the Island but also manage being off Island for part of the year (head office is on the mainland) I could do this.  Plus I wanted to clear out my 3 bedroom house.

My life now consists of 7 containers – hiking gear, ski gear, shoes I don’t want to get rid, some clothes – thank you Mike and Christine for storing my containers  – my “toys” such as my Ebike, paddle boards, snowshoes, skis – are all at my friends house in a large barn aka garage – thank you Wendy !!

And so, it took me at least 5 months – even though Jayka and I did a huge clean out such as donations, receycle, garbage ect in the fall 2022 – to get all organzied.

And so I packed up my car……..

My original plan was to set up a website – I even secured my business name “PAWSITIVELY PALS” isn’t that soooo cute ??  But I decided not to even launch a website.   I have enough good friends who are wanting to travel, they have animals at home, it is a win win situation.

I could actually start a book with at least a dozen chapters so far  – the heartfelt moments I have shared with friends and their famlies, their children –  on this journey, has been pretty darn special.

Rest in Peace to the beauties we have lost.

Here are a few of the little characters I have looked after this year….

Well that is a wrap for 2023 !!!

I want to wish everyone a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Keep on living, loving and ALWAYS laughing – life is getting shorter so LIVE it !!!!!

BEST IN 2024 – AND all the years ahead.

Kathy xo


2023 MOMENTS….

And more pics from the year that bring a BIG smile to my face……








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