Two Pals in a Pod…

Two Pals in a Pod…

Dear Sis,

It is now November and today I was thinking about how it has almost been two years since I started my blog to you.   I have published 52 and I still have 21 in “draft” lol I think of stories daily and have experiences that I so want to share with you.   I miss you 🙁

Karen, I started that Podcast I mentioned to you in the last blog !!!  That is why I have not written to you in a couple of months – sorry – I have not had too much extra time these days but you are always in my thoughts.  I am also so happy that your kids reach out to me via FaceTime every Saturday so we can try to get a visit.

I started the Podcast with my friend Jayka.  We are called “Two Pals in a Pod”.  I know you will remember her – she was my roommate when I worked at Jasper Park Lodge Resort.  She was 19 and I was 20 years old.

I know I have mentioned the Podcast to you a few times but as I said to your kids today, I am going to ask the Nurse or someone (Lu offered) to play them for you when they visit.  I am trying to get creative with being so far away.  Did I tell you I miss you ?

I was out for a walk this morning and I started laughing out loud – yes I often look like a crazy lady walking down the street – I do this all the time lol I think of something that makes me laugh and I can’t hold it in.

Anyhow, I was walking today and I started thinking, if you could talk you would be saying….

“Kathy I have been listening to your stories for the last two years now I have to listen to your voice ???  It’s not always about you!!”  oh growing up – that statement –  how often you would say that to me?? lol

As you know I came home often to Ottawa.  I always had so many stories and experiences to share.   It was a tradition for years…you and I would sit in your kitchen, you drinking a rum and diet coke and I would drink my gin and tonics.   We would talk, cry and always laugh.   Wow, did we ever laugh xo

I still / always have so many stories to share.   Now that the Podcast is up and going – our last piece is putting it on Spotify or iTunes –  my Pal is over that today 🙂 – I promise to blog more regularly now.

So this blog will remain short and sweet as it is all about putting the Podcast out there….

You know what I hope for ?   Maybe there is a mother/daughter/ father/friend ect out there who will play my Podcast when visiting someone with MSA.  OR read my blogs.   I personally and very heartfeltly know how difficult visits can be.   Let’s try to have some fun 🙂

I love you sis,

Kathy xo

ps. I also put a couple of videos at the bottom – I hope they make you smile.


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