Let your heart lead the way….

Let your heart lead the way….

PEACE and HAPPINESS to you all xo

Dear sis,

OK here I go !!  I have started so many blogs to you as I always have a story to share.   I often have non stop thoughts, stories, moments and laughter going through my brain.  I sit down and write but I never finish them.   There is just so much going on in this fucking world right now!!!   I could seriously write all day omg lol !!!! OK, so right now I will write, finish and post as opposed to saving it in a “draft”.

I don’t even know where to start….

How about I start with the now.   So, why the hell do I keep tuning into the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial ?  First of all, why is something so private so public ?   Like, so private.   I find myself cringing for them.  I stumbled across a video on a news feed, thinking, “This is odd – why is this on air ?’  I don’t even own a TV, I am the one who is just starting to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix (I am so not one to sit down and watch shows and YES I know there are some really good ones out there as everyone keeps telling me that) Anyhow, it is like a Soap Opera – but real life so it’s even better !!  I can’t wait to call my Auntie Joyce to talk to her about this – she must be loving this !!!  YES, oh right,  that is why I started writing this blog – a friend sent me a video that made me laugh – it is called something like “Objection Hearsay”  The title made me laugh so hard that I thought,”This is the funniest thing, who else is watching this crazy trial?”  So I thought I need to blog this question…”Is this not the weirdest thing to put on “air” ?” Anyhow, enough about that 🙂 #tryingnottojudge 🙂

What a world we are living in.   The families, people, children and our Country, all feeling so divided.  I know people – as we all do – who are not vaccinated.   A friend who stayed with me a few weeks ago, pulled into my driveway with the Canadian Flags hanging off her SUV – haha she will laugh that I blogged about this.  It doesn’t mean I am suddenly not going to “like” her.  She has been a good friend for many years.  I love her.  People are entitled to their own beliefs.  If I don’t want to engage in a conversation I simply need to have the courage to say this.

There are just so many challenges facing our humanity today.   In this day and age I can’t even believe that there is a Country, our neighbour,  who are wanting the power and control to tell woman what they should and should not do with their bodies.   There are people suffering in so many ways – WAR.  There is a generation of younger kids who are being medicated.  The #1 cause of human suffering in this world is depression.   The world we live in needs to change.  Even after writing all of the above,   I am a believer in that we are on the right path.

If you are around my age – 54 – or older, we are getting closer to death.  Actually everyday you get closer to death.  And if it hasn’t already,  you know that your health is going to decline.

However it is easy for us to know this – these are facts.  But I feel that even with all the terrible energy that is out there, people are starting to shift.  People are wanting to be more real.  People are allowing themselves to be more vulnerable.  People are wanting to “live their best lives.” People are allowing themselves to recognize, feel and understand, that they are dying.  I LOVE SEEING THIS AWARENESS.  More to come on this topic – in a separate blog – as I am a HUGE believer that you can create wellness in you body with your thoughts.

YOU need to do work on yourself.  It doesn’t just happen.   And “help” comes in many different ways.  I personally, for years have been doing my own thing.   Different from others, but it was my way.   Until recently,  I also felt that I did not need therapy.   However I now say proudly that YES I am seeing a psychotherapist.   I actually started seeing him because I am raising a teenager daughter and I needed answers to so many of my, “What the fuck is that all about?” questions ? lol I believe most would understand this.   The beauty in all of this is that I am learning so much about myself.   The moment you open up that “can of worms” you start to see you in a different way.

We should all have one goal in life.   To be happy.  Always remember that your happiness depends on YOU – don’t give anyone  that power to “alter” or control your emotions.

Well, this is a spontaneous blog – I am going to post it now and think, “Great I just told  everyone that I am watching this Johny Depp trial and that I am in therapy.”  hahaha hey this is part of my journey.  To not care what you think 🙂

I am actually off to pack my bag as I am leaving for Seattle in the morning.   Vacation time.  Last April, I almost boarded a plane to Granada, Nicaragua  – for a month.  However I made the decision to postpone.   I usually don’t take holiday time and stay in my country but tomorrow I will be with two very close friends.    All three of us have been dealing with a lot lately so this weekend is very much needed.  Next week my brother (who lives in Ottawa) is going to be in Victoria for a Police Conference.  I will go meet him in Vic and we have a few fun things planned.   So yes, vacation time starts now with no heat or sunshine (pouring rain at the moment) but I know that it is going to be one pretty special, heartfelt holiday xo

Love you sis,

Kathy xo

ps.  I told both your “kids” on Mothers Day how much you LOVED being a mother to them.






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