The wonders of Bali….

The wonders of Bali….

Dear sis,

If there is one thing I absolutely love about being in Asia, is that there is always something new and different each day.  With the energy and your surroundings, it is very easy to feel alive in this country.

For the last 4 days as I drive to and from the Orphanage on the back of a scooter, I have gotten to know my route.    There is always this one corner that is ridiculously congested, and I love watching these scooters and cars work their way though this maze. There really is no method to the madness.

As I sit and watch “how much one can carry” on a scooter, I see families with their children, large bags of rice and even chickens getting a ride.     Many would think, “Wow what chaos, how can people commute and actually live like this?”  But last night, I was in a taxi, en route home from the beach and my driver said to me, “Bali, is very very good.  Very good.”  And I responded, “Yes my friend, Bali is very good.”

The Balinese people have one of the most grateful cultures.     Every morning you will see them placing Canang Sari, daily balinese offerings out on their walkway, in front of their homes, stores etc.   It is offered everyday as a form of being thankful and grateful for the peace in their world.   It is a small palm palm-leaf basket that is filled with colourful flowers, all having different meaning.   They are also lit with incense.   Considering Hinduism is very concerned with the relationship between humanity and the environment,  it is put back into nature and replaced with a new one each day.

I feel extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to work at the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage.  Every morning I arrive, not only am I greeted with hugs from the children, the staff are so welcoming.      It truly takes a village to keep this place functioning.

The Jodie O’shea Orphanage was started in 2005 by a British lady named Alison Chester.  When the Bali bomb went off in 2002, outside a nightclub, 202 people were killed.  Alison recalls asking a friend who worked at the hospital how she could help.   She was assigned to Jodie,  a young 29 year old Australian girl, who was in Bali celebrating her new business.   When Jodie was offered more morphine, she declined it, telling them to give it to someone who needed it more than her.  Jodie died and Alison was so inspired by this young lady, that she decided to set up the orphanage in her memory.

Over the last 4 days it has been truly remarkable to see how many individuals have walked through the doors, offering their assistance.

On Tuesday, a group arrived with 6 laptops that they had transported as a family, from donations in Australia.  A young couple who were on their one year anniversary, took some of the children grocery shopping, returning with bags of food.  Small gifts have been received, today there were “bubbles” and balloons dropped off.

There is a also a store on site with necklaces, bracelets, paintings etc, all made via the children.  All donations going to the Orphanage with some of the money going direct to the children who created these.

I have more stories from my past 4 days.  However  I am sitting in a restaurant, located right next to my hotel and I started a conversation with a lady by the name of Tania,  She grew up in Bosnia during the war.   She just showed me pictures of her children, and grandchildren…she has many health issues and is in Bali for two weeks to have some independence from her family.

It is 9:14pm and she has asked if I would like to walk down to the beach.  My plan was to have an early night as I am up tomorrow morning at 7am for work.

However I can tell she would like some company so I will join her.

Off I go……xo

I love you sis,

Kathy xo






6 thoughts on “The wonders of Bali….

  1. Hi Kathy. I am the mum of Claire and I live in UK. Claire and Richard and their daughter Katie have been going to the orphanage since 2016 and they feel exactly the same as you…the children and their laughter. I have been over to visit too and I quite agree “laughter is the best med ” I enjoy reading your blog since Claire pointed me in your direction. You really do tell lovely stories Kathy and your sister is an inspiration to us all. Keep them coming,xxx

    1. Hi Valerie,

      Thank you so very much for touching base and your kind words. I am truly grateful for my time in Bali, at the Orphanage and now in addition, I have met your wonderful daughter.

      I look forward to spending more time with Claire this week. I am only here for another couple of weeks…not sure how I am going to leave everyone 🙁

      Again, thank you for your support and kind words xo

  2. Kath. I am literally living vicariously through your blog and I must say it reminds me that I need to do more. You are amazing. I have always known that as everyone who has ever met you knows. You are an inspiration to live life, give back and help others-especially kids, and your beautiful letters to Karen are….awesome. Keep being you cause the world needs more ‘Kathy’ ?.

    1. You are so kind Jen. I love that you are feeling inspired. Life is short. Most say life is difficult (and it can be) but it doesn’t have to be. I try my best but I too need to make some changes. You have so many wonderful qualities. I look forward to seeing you when I return xo

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