For you Karen….

For you Karen….

Dear Sis,

There are going to be days when I just have a quick note to share.  This is one of  them.   I need to make sure you hear these messages.

I woke up this morning and once again I started feeling a little anxious regarding this whole blogging thing – I just don’t have the fucking (I like to swear) time right now lol BUT somehow I am getting through this.   And I will xo

The other day I walked into Best Buy and I said to this young man Alex (who just moved to the Island 6 months ago from England)  very tall, accent, in his 20’s,  good looking kid…the kind in the past I would flirt with, but now they are all reminding of my friends kids.  Dammit !!!  🙂  I said, “Alex,  all I want you to do is add that little “F” for FB in at bottom of cover page, tell me how to connect it all on this second page and I have this e-mail address that needs to be linked”.    Not only was he very helpful, he asked about my blog and he became the first “like” on my FB 2nd page site.  Isn’t that awesome :). People are wonderful.

Sorry, I have digressed a little from my original “quick” note thought for today…..:)

So yes, feeling a little overwhelmed and then I got a note from Sarah, one of your very best girlfriends and she said, “I love reading your stories.  They keep me inspired and moving forward.”

When I read this, it brought a tear to my eye.  This is a journey for so many of us.   YOU have so many wonderful friends in your life Karen.   So many people love you.

So I am back to feeling strong……but I REALLY need to start packing….Bali, 4 more sleeps !!!

I love you sis,

Kathy xo



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