Auntie Karen…

Auntie Karen…

Dear Sis,

Once again I find myself reading something that my daughter Jenna wrote, and I am thinking,  “I want to share as much as I possibly can with you, regarding Jenna.  And your kids”.

This is going to be such a fun journey Karen.   There is simply soooo much to talk about !!!!  How fortunate, that we have been given the gift of time.  (JP:) )

For school, Jenna had to write her thoughts on the Martin Luther King speech, “I have a dream”.   I did ask her if I could post this.   She is usually quite private about things, but when I told her it was for you, she said, “yes”.  I could tell from the way she responded, she wanted you to hear this.

What she wrote is pure, simple and powerful.

I am extremely proud of her Karen.   She is a great kid.

I love you sis,


ps.  She said to me the other day, “Mama, it’s official…I like boys!!”  Well my mouth dropped open and I said,”Wow that happened fast, a few months ago you wanted nothing to do with them.”  And she said,” Well I am going to be 13 this year, so it is the time in my life when this kind of stuff starts happening” 🙂 ….super cute 🙂


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