Dear Sis,

I just had a weekend in Whistler with some girlfriends and for many reasons, I never take these weekends for granted.   I know you truly understand how important these weekends are.   You too have so many wonderful friends in your life.   So many of them are on this journey with us.

The connection that woman share is pretty incredible.   Last night I was in the Irish Pub, and I had a conversation with this lady about girlfriends.  The bond we share.     It is actually this lady  who inspired me to write this blog.

On Friday night, a few of us went out dancing.    It is something many of us do not do a lot of anymore.   I had such a good time !!!    I have never seen so many men 🙂    I think the ratio in Whistler this time of year must be 20 guys to every girl.  It was an interesting evening to step out of your comfort zone.     I met so many wonderful people.  People from Switzerland, Mexico, Spain, Germany and lots from California.

I always try to be in the moment.  So when I was on the dance floor, I looked to the right of me and there must have been 6 or 7 guys in their 50’s (I think..I can’t tell age anymore) in sweaters and nice pants, dancing.    I absolutely LOVE that they were dancing together but I have to admit they  looked a little uncomfortable but in such a good way 🙂

I was chatting with a friend today, and I said, “I felt like I was at a Grade 7 dance.  Girls and boys looking at each other from across the dance floor.”   I ended up having some great conversations and in the end, I see people simply trying to find their way.  It is always really nice to find a sense of innocence at this stage of your life.

Last night I was at the Irish Pub  and this group of 9 ladies walked in.  I went over to them and said, “You ladies look like you are out for trouble”.  They laughed, screamed, hugged, as this is what woman do.   I found out that this is their 25th year of “girl weekends”.    There are 7 in the “core” group, however over the years they allowed 2 more to enter.  I said “Wow, I too have a core group of 7.  We are actually booked for Seattle this April.  We have been doing these annual weekends for at least 12 years.”

She then proceeded to say, exactly what I already know.  How after a girl weekend you come home feeling inspired,  empowered and full.      She told me how they cried together that afternoon.  Talked about every topic.  Of course she threw in the comment, “Men will never understand what we have.”  lol I loved that.

She told me how three weeks after her father passed away her husband became quite ill.  We continued to talk about the importance of life, girlfriends, her two son’s and of course I found myself talking about you.

Towards the end of our conversation I asked her,”By the way, what is your name?”  And she said, “Kathy.”  I smiled and said, “Oh my gosh so is mine!!” and I asked her, “With a K or a C”….She said, “K”.    And my last question was regarding her birthday.  Yes, unbelievable but we are both pisces.

Karen, there are no coincidences in life.    I was meant to meet Kathy, Brenda (their pack leader), Twila and all the other vibrant ladies.    As you know, when you allow yourself to be open, you meet “like” people.   Being real and simply connecting with people.   It is one of my favourite things to do.

I love you sis,

Kathy xo

My core group of 7 ladies
Kathy meets Kathy 🙂
I will be away for my birthday, so the ladies coordinated a cake. Make A Wish 🙂
Jess, a 29 year old German girl who just arrived into Canada. She joined our lady weekend. Nice to share such wonderful experiences with people who truly appreciate them.




Truly amazing ladies.

I love the special relationship I have with Laura. I have been friends with her sister Kerri for almost 30 years. Laura is part of my core 7. She drove up to Whistler for the day to ski with me. She is a phenomenal lady.









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    1. Thank you Michelle. We missed you in Whistler. Looking so forward to our girl trip to Seattle xo

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