En route to Bali and the people I met along the way….

En route to Bali and the people I met along the way….

Dear Sis,

Well considering the tag line attached to my domaine name is,”Keep it real,” I will make a promise to all that I will be truthful and honest in all my stories.

When I say this, I am referring to me not “sugar coating” certain experiences.  I always say, “One needs to be able to laugh at themselves.  We are all humans, trying to do our own personal best in this world.  No one is perfect.  So let’s all have some fun and laughter along the way.”

I am writing this en route to Seoul, Korea.  I am on the second “leg” of my journey to Bali.  I am excited but also exhausted lol geeeeze it is a lot of work to wrap up life for a month.  However, I am so grateful to have the support of Jenna’s dad and my village of ladies.

To begin with, I decided to take my friend Kerri’s advice when she said to me, “Just take my backpack as a carry on.  I took it to Europe for a month and Laura took it to Africa.  Easy to travel this way.  No delays.  Simply “roll, roll, roll” everything.  You can do this!!”

Well the challenge started at home when I found myself packing and repacking everything at least 5 times.  BUT I was feeling confident that I could do this.  Until I started packing my bathroom products.  Moisturizers, body lotions, Pureology shampoo/conditioners.   I personally went out and bought a dozen under a 100ml containers.

As I checked in for the first “leg” to Seattle, I started telling Prep, the gentleman who was checking me in, the story behind how stressful this “not checking a bag” has been for me.  But that I was super proud of myself because I did it !!!  Mission accomplished.   He and I then started talking about Bali, how much he loves getting away from all the tourists and finding some of the most interesting places to eat.  Well, as I was feeling so accomplished and organized I walked away over to security leaving my purse on the counter.    Within a few minutes, Prep came running over to me, purse in hand.  Phew.

That morning, I have never seen a security airport line up as long as it was.    All I kept thinking was, “Urgh, I still have a list of things to do pre boarding that plane.   I need that time.”  That damn list…I am so happy to NOT have a list for the next few weeks.

As my bags were going through the screening process, the lady asked me,”Do you have any lotions or gels in your bag?”  I responded, “Oh yes do I ever!”  And laughed.  She looked at me oddly and asked, “How many?”  “Oh gosh I am not sure maybe a dozen.”  Well that was it.  I flagged myself.  The gentleman on the other end, opened my bag and then proceeded to hand me the smallest plastic bag (1 litre – it was larger than a sandwich baggie but smaller than a freezer bag)   He said, “You are only able to carry on enough containers that will fit in this bag.”  Well, you had to see my reaction.  I looked at him and said,”Sorry, I am not quite understanding.  Are you saying that all my containers need to fit in this one tiny little bag ?”  I am the type of person who will never get upset with people.  It is not his fault, it is the policy.  But I just couldn’t wrap my brain around this.  So I said, ” That is an impossible task for anyone.  You can’t be serious. It just doesn’t even make sense to me how anyone could make this happen.”   That is honestly what I said to him.  I was in pure disbelief.  I tried everything to talk my way through.  But it came to a point where said that if he did let me go, he would not have a job tomorrow.  So at that moment I knew I had to make a decision.  Do I go without my products or return to the Delta desk and check my bag.  It was a no brainer for me.  Check the bag.

I do have to say one note, that if you handle situations in a calm and understanding way – not saying I “understand” this whole little bag concept – people will help you.  This gentleman was a toughie, but not only did he personally watch my other bag as I had to go back out in the airport but he asked a Manager to escort me out, and when I returned I had two other Managers watching for me, and they moved me right up to the front and I got through within minutes.

So yes, as I returned to the Delta desk in the main terminal, I saw Prep and he was with two of his colleagues.   I told them all my story re the packing of ample supply of bathroom products.   When they mentioned they were surprised I did not know this, I said to them, “Ok first of all I have never NOT checked a bag.  Of course I know the rules re under 100ml.  But I never knew there was a limit as to how many under 100ml you could check.” In addition I said I am so surprised that out of all my friends who knew I was doing this whole carry on nonsense, that not one of them clued in.  The one lady Mariana laughed and said take a pic of the sign above your head (pic below) so you can show everyone.    Anyhow we laughed, then I shared with them the story of the Shoe, they inquired re my blog name and they all agreed to pose for a picture.

Out of this craziness came the most heartfelt gesture.    Just as I was about to board the plane, I got paged asking to approach the desk.  The young lady at the counter said, “My colleagues told me about your sister, her disease and the  Shoe.  We want you to have this pin of our “Delta Wings” so you can attach it to the shoe.”  Yes of course I had a tear, graciously thanked her and once again I thought, “Life really does unfold exactly as it should.”

So off I go and board my short flight to Seattle.  I look down at the book that the lady next to me is reading.  It is called, “The Dalai Lama’s Cat and the Art of Purring”.  The premise of this book is what makes you “purr”.  What makes one really happy.  “The deep down happiness that makes you purr from the heart.”  Isn’t true happiness what everyone is really trying to achieve ?  And if not, you should be.

Throughout this short flight, this stranger and I  continued to share stories and it was mentioned how she teaches yoga to seniors in Retirement and Long Term Care homes in Vancouver and on the Sunshine Coast.  Ironically enough that is the segment of the business that I manage on Vancouver Island for GFS.   When I mentioned to her that I am en route to Bali to volunteer in an Orphanage, she briefly shared a personal story with me.  She said,” At a very young age, for a short period of time, I lived in an orphanage.  That was not an easy time for me.  Please do everything you can for those kids and connect with them in every possible way.  They need it.”

As we parted ways, I thought to myself, what are the chances that the lady sitting next to me would deliver all these wonderful messages within the 40 minutes we shared together ?  That these “wings” would get delivered to me,  just as I was about to board the plane ?

Well there are no chances or coincidences in life.   These powerful moments happen when you are ready to receive them.   They are found in our everyday lives.  One does not need to wait for the extraordinary to feel it.

Karen, below are a few pictures.  Within 24 hours that Shoe has certainly touched many people.  Below is the crew from Delta (thank you Delta crew!!) and the pilot who flew us to Seoul, Korea.  In addition a picture of the beautiful wings now attached to the Shoe.  I also had to include a pic of that sign !!!!  lol yes still in disbelief.  I have come to the conclusion that this task is only possible for men 🙂

Well I am just finishing up my blog at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.  I never made it to Bali last night.   Several of us missed our connecting flight, so there is a group of us flying out at noon today.

Next stop….Bali, Indonesia !!!!

I love you sis,

Kathy xo


9 thoughts on “En route to Bali and the people I met along the way….

  1. Lol, Kathy, as I started reading your blog at the part where you said you went out and bought a dozen little bottles of liquids stuff, I thought to myself,… “how is she going to fit all those in that tiny little bag?..” ???

    1. Aww thanks sweetie I LOVE that you are reading my blog. I will try to make them interesting for you.
      Love you baby girl. Always remember our special hug xoxo

  2. Hello Kathy,
    It’s Mariana from Delta in YVR. I knew we would find you the perfect addition to “The Shoe”. Your beautiful story warmed my heart and I know you will make a difference in those children’s lives because you have an infectious smile, laugh, and positivity! Thank you for making my day on your departure from YVR :o)

    1. Mariana !!! Thank you so much for the note and your kind comments. It was so fun meeting you all. You made my day. What a wonderful way to start my trip. Thank you again and I hope our paths cross again in the future as I too loved your energy and enthusiasm xo

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