A very special – and funny – memory…

A very special – and funny – memory…

Dear Sis,

It has been just over two months since Don passed away.   I will always miss him.   I often find myself talking about him as it brings me so much comfort.

When someone dies, you hold onto things, “memories” or a special item that meant something to that person, or to you or to the both of you.

Marilyn gave me several pieces of his clothes.    Items that he wore and loved.   He always dressed so well.   With tears flowing down my cheeks,  I started looking, feeling and smelling each one.   I held them up against my face, missing him.

I was so in the moment until I laughed out loud because I swear I could hear him say, “Stop sniffing my clothes.”  If you knew Don, that is exactly what he would say.

There are two other “items” that I personally have, that are now even more important to me.   An audio tape (yes a cassette tape)  that has his voice on it and the other is a video tape (the old VHS tape) from my wedding day when he gave the “toast to the bride”.

To be able to hear someone’s voice and see that person “live” when they are no longer with us, is pretty special.

I was able to share the link – below – of the audio tape.     This happened 24 years ago.  Karen I know you will remember this story.

I was 27 years old,  working as a Catering Manager, at The Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver.    I was living in Kitsilano.   Each morning I would walk over the Burrard Bridge to work,  listening to my  “discman”.

It was a Monday morning and the local radio station 94.5 had a contest on that was called, “Fall from grace with your in-laws.”   If you were the 94th caller, you would have to call your in-laws and ask for money, for the reason of the radio stations choice.    If they said yes, the caller would win free concert tickets to see a sold out Amanda Marshall concert at the Vogue.  I was a fan and I wanted these tickets 🙂

As soon as I walked into the office that morning, I picked up the phone (because I don’t believe I had a el phone at that time) and called.  It rang.  I was the 94th caller.

The challenge they choose for me was so crazy funny.   I had to call Don – my father in-law to be – and ask him for $1500 because I wanted to get my ears pinned back before the wedding.  I told him I never liked my ears and that they had always bothered me.   If he said yes, I got concert tickets 🙂

In this tape you can hear the kindness in his voice.  His gentle way.   At the very end of the tape, his true wittiness really shines.

One week post the contest, Clay St. Thomas,  the radio announcer at the time – my Vancouver peeps will remember him – called me at work.

He said, “Congratulation’s Kathy you won the Grand Prize !!!”  I did not even know there was a grand prize.   He mentioned how they put all the contestants into a draw and that I won complimentary sky diving – static line jump from 3,000ft,  for two people.  Now that was amazing !!!   ps.  I think they actually “picked” me (us) 🙂

I hope you enjoying listening to the tape again Karen.

Sam and Carter are going to see you again this weekend.  I know they were there last Sunday and got a bunch of stuff cleared out of your room.  It is nice to know that the hospital staff have moved you again in order to get better care.     Lu texted me the other day.    She is such an amazing girlfriend to you.    As you know I always try to connect with her when she is visiting you.  But I missed her this week.  She texted saying how much she loves that you can nod your head.  It’s amazing Karen.  YOU are amazing. It is now going on 16 years since you were diagnosed.    Our MSA warrior.

I love you sis,

Kathy xo

Here is the link to “Fall from Grace with your in-laws”



Mario was in Victoria last Thursday evening, post Alaska, on Celebrity.    He invited Jenna and I on board the ship for dinner.     We had a fabulous evening that was enhanced by individuals from India, Croatia, Mauritius, China, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia and Turkey.

On the way out, we decided to join the silent disco party.






Karen, this picture appeared in my memories. It was 3 years ago that I was in Maui with Jenna and your daughter Samantha.  You know I will always be there for your daughter.    This Thursday Jenna and I fly to Maui for 16 nights.  Just the two of us.
A few of Don’s “pieces”. xo


I love this pic of Don, Jenna and I. This was last year at his 80’s birthday. Who knew it would be his last. We just don’t know. That is why one of my favourite quotes is by Elisabeth Kugler-Ross…”It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have limited time on earth, and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.”

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