A note straight from the heart….

A note straight from the heart….

Dear sis,

I was just about to vacuum my stairs, put the dishes away, do laundry, pack, finish work….you know me I am always full speed ahead (BUT I am working on slowing down – it’s been good)   I also need to pick Jenna up at 8:30pm from dance…and it is now 5:30pm.

However, I suddenly put down the vacuum,  thought about you and decided I wanted to share what I am feeling with you….at this very moment.

Today is Monday.  The last post that JP put out about you on Facebook was Thursday.  It said, “Inside today”.

As you know I watch for his posts everyday.   If I am not on FB that day I will go back and search each day, loving how I can see into your world.   So when I don’t see a pic for a couple of days, I worry.   I want you to know this Karen.  I worry often.  I think about you often.  I see things everyday that remind me of you.

The other day, I watched two sister’s hanging out, having a glass of wine with each other, laughing.  As I watched, I got a huge lump in my throat.  When I get that, I feel it right in my throat.

As I was typing it something else came to my mind that I want to share with you…..

Last night, Jenna and I were driving home from paddling and a contest came on 94.5  radio station.  )Yes I sing to all the hit songs with Jenna :))    It was to  nominate a friend whom you feel is very generous.    The person selected would be meeting Ellen DeGenerous on her show when she records in Vancouver this Friday.

I told Jenna what you said to me one night, when you found out you got this disease.

“Promise me you will try to take me to an Ellen DeGeneres show.  Even if I am in a wheelchair.  Do what you have to do, to get me there !!”  You always adored her, like the world does.

Jenna said to me, “Please mommy, we have to try…let’s write in to the radio station.  Can we please do this for Auntie Karen ?   If we win we can Skype her.”

So we wrote in….

I asked them to please consider you sis.   You are someone who has been generous your whole life.  You are continuing to teach all of us how precious life is.   You are still with us because of love.

I love sis,

Kathy xo

ps.  Karen, fingers and toes crossed re Ellen.  Who knows, maybe someone is reading my blog that is connected.  HEY OUT THERE !!!!  If anyone has any pull PLEASE HELP ME DO THIS FOR MY SISTER !!!!

ppss. Karen stop laughing at me xoxo


Karen, I thought I would include this pic of Jenna and I paddle boarding yesterday afternoon. She is getting so big. She loves her Auntie Karen so very much xoxo

4 thoughts on “A note straight from the heart….

  1. I hope you are selected it couldn’t happen to a better pair of sisters that love one another more than you 2 do best of luck

    1. Thank you so very much Dana !! We did not get on but I am going to pursue this another way. Your ongoing support is so very much appreciated xo

  2. I don’t usually go on facebook and get the chance to see or read your blogs besides when you text me tell me to go read them lol, but I got to read this one… Auntie Kathy, I remember my mom ALWAYS watching Ellen, and when I would watch the show or little clips of people getting their “dream” of being on Ellen, I always thought of my mom, since I was 8 years old, I have personally wanted to send an email out to the Ellen show and tell them about my mom just for her story to be told, and do anything I possibly could to ever get her out to a show…I can’t believe I never said anything to anyone because I almost wanted to just do it myself and surprise her and everyone, but I can’t believe you guys did this, I hope she gets this, she deserves it. Love you mom and Auntie Kathy xo

    1. My dear Samantha, what I love about this message from you is that it is one more “thing” about your mom that keeps us all connected. I want to be the Auntie who keeps sharing stories about your mom. I want to keep everything about her “alive” and in our thoughts. I love that we both recognized her love for the show Ellen lol So I did not manage to get her on in Vancouver – but it was very last minute and I was only able to enter so many words – but my promise to you is that I am going to write in via her website and yes share her incredible story. Let’s keep moving forward on this. I love you my sweet girl xoxo

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